Welcome to Custom Guitar Works - Australia’s only full customshop.

This is the only Place in Australia that not only offers professional factory quality paint work from Custom to Classic in all types of finish including Nitro and Polyurethane but also delivers the same high standard with setups and tech work.


We Restore, Customise, and Repair guitars with the highest quality paints available and WE COLOUR MATCH!!!

Our finishes are unchallenged.

We are the ONLY full time professional guitar painting company that can offer you everything including the unique services such as Relicing, OEM Finishes, Digital Artwork and Airbrush Artwork.

We truly are your one-stop- customshop!


Our setups are second to none and we take them seriously, with more than 10 years professional experience Cameron Rees is the only guy that will be trusted to do each setup. When you receive your guitar back the frets will be levelled, crowned, polished and truss rod adjusted to remove all string buzz at the string height you request.

Cam uses a Peterson Strobe Tuner to accurately set the intonation and only uses quality Guitar specialty tools to make all truss rod and bridge adjustments leaving your guitar playing better than you ever thought possible.


We perform extensive neck and body repairs every week. We have the highest quality glues and techniques to not only repair the break but make that area stronger. Small chips can be filled, airbrushed and cleared to the point of no detection.

We can also drop fill small chips with our special resin and colour formula then polish them back to mirror finish. We stock all quality brand name parts required for guitar repair from pots to switches to jacks and screws also Floyd Rose tremolos and after market Big Brass Blocks. Plus we have a large range of necks and bodies to finish any project.


We can build your next guitar. We offer 2 types of guitar building

1st - Any Shape Any Neck Any Colour You Choose the lot.

2nd - We have 2 Classic Shape Pre-Cut Blanks, Tele or Strat if this is for you we can hand build your guitar for $1000 plus hardware.

If you are content with these designs we can build your Classic Hot Rot with whatever hardware your heart desires. Then we can take it to our paintshop and again you get to choose what colour, effect or artwork you want.